10 years of franchisee experience.  Cashflow Real estate investor since Dec 2013. Reading charts since 2013 and practicing Elliotitian for 8 years with 10 years of Cryptocurrency experience. I have learned through many mistakes, time, and research on preventing losses with proper Risk management strategies that can be used in Trading and abroad...


Crypto Hardened Trader, Investor and TA Instructor.


Trader's Classroom

Learn to Make Your Own Calls Confidently

The Most Important aspect of trading is being able to have the confidence to make your own calls without affirmation from others.  By investing in yourself, you'll gain the knowledge necessary to confidently rely on your own TA.

Get Notified of High Odds Trade Setups

Lessons will be taught in current market conditions with real High odd setups.  Learn and receive actionable setups to take advantage of the flavor of the day when they occur.

Risk Management Strategies

Learn Risk Management for different trading styles.  From Hodler non-leverage strategies to the intraday leveraged scalper.  Risk management is the key to any speculator's success

Become a Profitable Trader 3 Times Quicker with a Mentor

With 3 Lessons a week Mon, Wed, Fri, you'll learn how to Trade much faster with a Mentor while saving time and losing much less than the trial and error method. Past Lessons will be archived for your learning leisure.


Discover the Charting Language of Elliot Waves

Learn the How to Chart Social Mood (sentiment) Through the forecasting strategy of Elliot Waves

Risk Management Strategies

The most important skill an Investor or Trader needs to learn is proper risk management to keep their losses small and their wins BIG!!!

Isolate Waves With an Arsenal of TA Techniques

With an Arsenal of Different Technical Analysis Techniques, you will eventually be able to predict how deep a correction or rally can go with accuracy and learn how to find entry and exit postions

Social Economic Theory of Finance

Take a Deep dive into the social-economic theory of finance to truly understand what the waves are measuring.  This is important for you to maximize gains and minimize losses