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With Financial Education Lacking in our current school system I have made it my Mission to increase the average person's Financial IQ for a better world tomorrow.

With 10 years of franchisee experience,  Cashflow Real estate investor since Dec 2013. TA Specialist with 10 years of Cryptocurrency experience and Infinite Banking Coach... I can raise your Financial IQ in various realms of investing...


Crypto Hardened Investor, Real Estate Investor, TA Specialist, Infinite Banking Coach


Discover the Charting Language of Elliot Waves

Learn the How to Chart Social Mood (sentiment) Through the forecasting method of Elliot Waves

Learn Different Investment Asset classes

When you have Capital you need a place to store it and make it work for you.  Discover various investment Ideas from Infinite banking, Real Estate, Crypto, Defi and much more.

Isolate Waves With an Arsenal of TA Techniques

With an Arsenal of Different Technical Analysis Techniques, you will be able to time any market correctly.  When to buy is more important than what to buy.

Social Economic Theory of Finance

Take a Deep dive into the social-economic theory of finance to truly understand what the waves are measuring.  This is important to help time market reversals


Financial IQ Master Course