Infinite Banking Financial Advisor

Grow Your Wealth Tax-Free

With Uninterrupted Compounding

Our mission is to teach individuals to take back control of their financing needs by implementing the private/infinite banking concept.

Stop paying interest to banks
Pay your mortgage down faster
Save and use your capital at the same time

The Infinite Banker

Achieve the Power of Uninterrupted Compounding Tax-Free Wealth

How does it work?

Did you know that your that 33% of your lifetime wealth goes to INTEREST!?  Surprisingly few do!

The infinite banking concept refers to individuals building a pool of capital, that earns a tax-free dividend and being able to borrow against it... leaving the savings/capital to compound uninterrupted.... Effectively controlling their debt and earning interest off that very same loan.

So what? Loans are expensive, why is this special?

When you use the infinite banking strategy, you become a Banker by being part owner of a company... meaning, you take part in the company's profits, while maintaining control over any of your debt in the system... interest paid on any loans within the system is returned to you thru the uninterrupted compounding process and by being a good banker of course. Loans are acquired faster, at competitive prime rates and don't affect your credit score at all.

a pictograph of how Front-loaded Interest on mortgages works

Stop paying interest to banks

be your own bank owner, instead of an unsecured creditor aka Depositor

Mortgages that are controlled by banks are entirely front-loaded with interest payments. Ever wondered why?

Well ask yourself, do you think you’ll live in the same home for 25 years? Statistically speaking, most families will move within the first 5-10 years. And what happens when you move? You guessed it, you sign up for another front-loaded loan. Over the course of decades, by rinsing and repeating you may actually pay near 100% interest volume to the bank.

The example of the left has over 50% total/volume of interest paid on the duration of the mortgage...

With infinite banking, the interest comes back to you!

Pay your mortgage down faster

With infinite banking strategy you can structure your mortgage, or any loan for that matter, the way you want. You are in control, you own your debt, pay it back the way you want... not how the banks want.

This means you can decide how your amortization period will play out, customize your payments, pay 50-70% less interest volume during your mortgage term while recapturing any interest paid within your Banking System. The power of infinite banking is in the liquidity it provides when you need it, recapturing interest paid and increasing your NET WORTH.

a strategy to pay less interest on your mortgage and save you money

Save, Compound and use your capital at the same time

a chart depicting uninterrrupted compounding interest


Normally when you save your capital at the bank, it can only do one job at a time.  You can spend it, save it or invest it to make even better returns.

With Infinite Banking you can spend, invest and save your wealth at the same time with the same dollars, while taking advantage of the uninterrupted compounding process.

Become a Wealth Creator.

How do i get started?

Sheldon Assad is a financial advisor with 10 years of franchisee experience. And a practising infinite banking advisor since 2018, whose mission is to help you take control of your own financial future.

Sheldon as been a Cashflow Real estate investor since Dec 2013. Reading charts since 2013 and practicing Elliotition for 8 years with 10 years of Cryptocurrency experience. He has learned through many mistakes, time, and research on preventing losses with proper Risk management strategies that can be used in Trading and abroad.

By working with Sheldon, you will learn to use infinite banking, along with many other proven strategies, and investments to achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

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