Are the Banks Attacking Crypto

Is high leverage being used to capitulate HODLer's?

By Sheldon Assad, July 6/2022, 11:07am

crypto going to 0

Are the banks pushing around crypto with high leverage

It sure seems like the banks are attacking crypto this day and age... with estimated leverage at All time highs and bitcoin and crypto challenging the lows it seems like bitcoin and crypto has been sent to it's death bed....except Hashrates for bitcoin are also at ATH. That means prices should do the same according to Metcalf's Law.


We will be finding out if we are doing a Double Zigzag WXY for intermediate wave 4 or will we be in fact doing Cycle wave 2 which could last for a considerable amount of time longer.


Remember the central banks do not like any competition and if there is any, they either take out the competition or co-op it to gain more control over it...


The question remains... are the banks attacking crypto with high leveraged shorts?


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