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Discover Your Investor's Edge with the...

Financial IQ Master Course

Where you'll learn all the skills and knowledge to become a successful self sufficent Investor...

including creating your own Bank with one little known secret the banks don't want you to know...

Become a confident Investor who can analyse price charts like no other. Find out how to know when the best times to buy are in any market. Through various technical analysis methods, risk management strategies, Social Mood and how to measure it with Elliot Wave Theory.  You'll know exactly When and Where to invest your hard earned Money while learning how to take advantage of many different Asset Classes to further increase your wealth including how to create your own bank with a little known secret, not even your Financial Advisor knows of...

Understand Price Charts Like No Other

In life there are Two Routes.  One is to follow and be told what actions to take.  The other is to learn, prosper and take action to make your own decisions and path forward.  Learning the necessary Techniques and Strategies to read price charts and invest confidently; putting you miles ahead of everyone else.  Making your own Investment Decisions with success is a priority.  This Course was created to help those interested in carving out their own path successfully and very inexpensively compared to traditional financial education products.

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Video Lessons

4 Units filled with Dozens of Video Lessons Quickly Guiding you thru the Waves, TA, Social Mood, and different Asset Classes

Time = Money

By investing in yourself...   You Spend Less Time And Money making mistakes during the learning process in becoming a successful Investor

Learn the Psychology of Financial Markets

In this course you will learn how to measure the psychology of the market using Elliott Waves, and Other Forms of TA to Help Isolate the Waves to know where you are in the current market move.

Master the Hidden Language of Charts

Discover Your Investor's Edge

With in this Course you'll have an opportunity not only to read charts like a master but to also learn about different Asset Classes and investment strategies that most know very little about... Such as how to finance deals with debt, Infinite Banking, what type of real estate to watch for, Defi and cryptocurrency markets and more...

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Never Depend on anyone else again

This course has 1000's of dollars and hours of education and experience tucked into it.  After Completing the Course you will be able to Analyse any Market and Be your own investing Authority.   You will learn about different Investments and Asset Classes


Effective Risk Management Strategies

Risk Management is an Investors best Friend.  Learning how to Minimize losses and Maximize Gains is key to any successful investing career.

In this Course You'll Receive...

A Complete Tutorial to expedite the Elliott Wave Learning Curve....

Learn several different forms of Techinical Analysis to help Isolate the "Waves"

In depth analysis into social mood and how it is use it with Elliott Waves to Spot the best time to buy in any Market


**Raise your Financial IQ ever more with different wealth making strategies and ideas to keep your profits working for you**

Become the Master of Your Own Financial Destiny.

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