The Best Way to Finance a Car, Real Estate, Investments and Private Lending

The Best Retirement Investment

Excellent Source of Financing For Businesses and Real Estate Investors!

Infinite Banking Solutions for Canadian Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Individuals

Learn The Infinite Banking Concept Below

The Infinite Banker

Sheldon Assad - The Infinite Banker

Our Philosophy

Is to Teach Individuals to Take Back Control of their Financing needs by Implementing the Private/Infinite Banking Concept. To Start Paying Your Bank Interest Instead of Another Bank

Create a Legacy of

Tax- Free Generational Wealth

Easily Control Your Debt Instead of the BanksĀ 

Build a Pool of Capital Readily Available to Deploy

What We Offer

Expert Strategies
Unique Financial Strategies for Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Individuals

Private Banking Solutions

The Center Of Every Wealthy's Individual's Portfolio, Designed To Control Debt and Breed Generational Tax-Free Wealth

Free Consultation

A No-Risk, Free consultation to strategize your Private/Infinite Banking system to fit your Goals, Needs and Dreams

Private Banking/Infinite Banking Benefits

Uninterrupted Compounding

Similar to a High-Interest Savings Account

Tax-Free Retirement Income that Grows Year Over Year

Growth Not Affected by

Market Movements

Use Leverage to Spend and Save the Same Dollar. It's the Best Way to Finance a Car, Real Estate, or Investment

Non - Confiscatable by Anyone or

By Any Government

When You OWN Your DEBT

It's Not DEBT

My Expertise

  • 10+ Years as a Franchisee
  • 7+ Years Cashflow Real Estate Investing
  • Private Banking Practitioner for 3 Years
  • Long Time Student of Social Economics, Elliot Wave and Austrian Economics
  • Private Banking Strategist
  • Technical Analysis

About Us

At North Branch Financial Security we Believe in Helping Individuals, Businesses, and Professionals to achieve their Financial Goals and Dreams.


We are a Dedicated Brokerage to help individual needs on a case by case basis with an emphasis on PRIVATE BANKING/INFINITE BANKING for Wealth Creation, Control, and Lifetime Tax Reduction.


We Teach clients from all walks of life to Control Their Debt, Risk, and Finances with a Little Known, Financial Strategy called Private Banking.


With this Strategy, No family, individual, or business will be left behind in uncertain times.


We are located in Thunder Bay, Ont, and Winnipeg, MB Canada

Serving Clients CANADA WIDE

Contact Us

Sheldon Assad

Authorized NBFS Agent

President, Private Banking Solutions INC

FSCO License #18167187

IBC Practitioner

Email: [email protected]



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