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ATTENTION: Crypto Enthusiasts, Traders, and Investors


Trader's Classroom

Where you learn to make your own trading decisions with success.

Become a confident Trader through various technical analysis methods, risk management strategies,  and Elliot Wave Theory.  Giving you the Trader's edge for success.

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Speed Up Your Trading Education

There are only two ways to learn to trade successfully.  One is through Experience which takes a long time and can get very expensive throughout the learning process.  The second way is to shorten the learning process by investing in yourself with a trading mentor.  Learning the necessary Techniques and strategies to Confidently Make your own Trading decisions with success.  Taking less time and Money through the learning process.

Video Lessons

3 video lessons a week with current high-odds trade announcements.

Time = Money

Spend Less Time And Money during the learning process in becoming a successful trader

Exclusive Community

Access to Private Discord Service including Monthly Live Trading Q &A sessions to keep you up to date on the latest crypto moves.

Master Your Financial Destiny

Live Monthly Trading Q & A on Discord

Get the opportunity to engage and Watch Sheldon Trade in the Monthly Q & A Live Trading Sessions. Ask him any question you may have on your mind.  See How Sheldon trades to get experience and be able to ask him questions Live.



Be your own trading authority.   As you develop your Trader's intuition with your training. You'll have the skills to confidently rely on your own Instincts

Effective Risk Management Strategies

Risk Management is a Traders best Friend.  Learning how to Minimize losses and Maximize Gains is key to a successful trading career.

Close-up of a Calculator and Pen on a Financial Newspaper.  Blue-toned.

Become the Master of Your Own Trading Destiny.

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